Artefact 2 Script

Beauty, what is it and are there ideals that are accepted universally?

Out of people surveyed, asking for their opinions on beauty and what it is, answers seemed to lean towards beauty being something that is natural and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It’s intriguing that no one suggested that beauty is constructed or manufactured, everyone suggested things like the grace of an athlete, passion filled music and something that evokes a strong emotion. Nobody mentioned anything about beauty within the media and its portrayal of the perfect body, face or anything stereotypically paraded across the tabloids.

In an investigation into the social media app Instagram, predominantly used for photo and video sharing allowing users to take and edit items it became clear that the app can and has been used to glamorise just about anything, be it nature, food, clothing, depression, violence, eating disorders, make up, travelling animals, you name it and it is probably on there, within reason of course as the app is regulated so graphically explicit images would be taken down by members of staff.

Despite users having the ability of filter options and editing powers on their pictures more recently there appears a big community of instagram users have a new thirst for more genuine content, with the hashtag beauty having more that 84,000,000 posts and nofilter having over 140,000,000 posts. nofilter shows how we want to separate what’s real from what’s artificial. It’s sort of a truth-telling mechanism. The way we’re able to manipulate things now means if something is authentic, it’s more meaningful however it should be stated that more than 7% of images with the nofilter hashtag actually have a filter, this suggests that maybe people do have a common consensus on beauty and that they want their images to appear to be pure, natural and unedited as it would seem to be what people would be more interested in and drawn to.

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