Artifact 3 Script

Here are the full list of phrases which the male will have to say and the females excuses in turn. These will hopefully effectively convey how the power/control is given and taken in this relationship/relationships with abuse in them.

Male: She’s a stupid bitch that needs to know her place.

Female: He only says these things because he grew up in a violent home, he doesn’t know any better.

Male: She needs to get the fuck out of my house and my life if she doesn’t change her ways

Female: He doesn’t mean it, he’s only saying it because he is drunk. He says this stuff all the time when he is drunk or using.

Male: She needs to sort her life out and stop sponging off me, she’s a good for nothing with no job who’s lucky to have me.

Female: He only says these things because he cares about me and wants me to do well in life.

Male: She should just do what her whore mother did by leaving her father and leave me already. You can tell she wants to.

Female: He said sorry. It’s fine. He said he won’t ever do it again.

Male: She should just stuff her stupid feelings up inside and not let them ruin everything all the fucking time.

Female: It’s okay. He has depression. I’m helping him. I need to accept who he is.

Male: Maybe if she learns her place I wouldn’t need to show it to her.

Female: I made him angry. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t make him angry.




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