Reflective Report

Where did you find inspiration to progress yourself? –

Robert Wise once said: “My three Ps: passion, patience, perseverance. You have to do this if you’ve got to be a filmmaker“. (BrainyQuote, 2015) This quote is perhaps the most helpful piece of advice you could give to aspiring filmmakers as everything else comes second. As long as you have passion for your subject, patience to wait for success and perseverance for when success isn’t thrust upon you and you have to thrust yourself into success, you can make it. I have tried my utmost to apply this drive and work ethic in my life ever since I was inspired by this quote and it has definitely improved my progression as a media producer.

What skill or knowledge have you developed? –

Over the course of this module, I have found myself expanding my horizon by further indulging myself in more accurate and thorough research and development of my ideas. “If you do your research well, you will reduce the risk of making a serious mistake.” (Rea and Irving, 1995) By applying this idea I have found that when I produced a media product I had a more clear and concise idea of the subject I was conveying, how to produce a piece in the selected genre and how to effectively create emotion in the audience. This can be seen through the comedy in artefact 1 and the sadness in artefact 3.

How did you challenge yourself? –

Within the artefacts we have produced, I attempted to challenge myself by tackling new genres and trying my best to create emotion in the audience that would be watching them, whether that be empathy, sadness or laughter. For example, in artefact 3, I tried my hardest to engage my audience through empathy. “If we then empathize with that character, this activates the emotional experiences that correspond to the cognitive script”. (Smith, 2003) I created empathy by creating two binary opposites in the one who controls and the one being controlled. I tried to make this distinction as obvious and painstaking as possible to ensure the audience can follow the cognitive script.

What would you do better? –

First element I would improve in my work is greater preparation for shooting. For example, I would conduct more thorough locations scouting to ensure that I have the best location possible and that all the environment in the location has been accounted for, so that on the day of production, it all goes very smoothly. “The goal is to find places that represent the words on the page. You must find a balance between your aesthetic concerns and your physical limitations.” (Rea and Irving, 1995) For example, when shooting for artefact 1, whilst we wanted it to be shot in a house, we perhaps could have used a better suited house in terms of space for camera equipment. Or, we could have scouted the location more thoroughly and used more suited equipment.

How can you develop your work further? – 

I would try and market my work to a wider audience. This could be done through more thorough research into viral marketing. “Marketing means promoting what is best about your work, giving buyers a reason to want to own it or rent it.” (Rea and Irving, 1995) For example, for artefact 3, I could have perhaps contacted domestic abuse websites/organisations to see if they wanted to display my work to help further show the signs and excuses of domestic abuse. Also, I could have perhaps further researched into how to engage an audience and what makes an item sharable and applied it to my work.


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