Tutorial Record

I have recently had a tutorial about my current progress in the module and my professional development. Throughout the tutorial we discussed the good and bad parts of what I was doing so far. This was vastly helpful in being critical and reflecting on my own progress.

364MC Tutorial Preparation Document-1 364MC Tutorial Preparation Document-2 364MC Tutorial Preparation Document-3When discussing my personal research, whilst my secondary research is pleasing for this stage, the primary research leaves a lot to be desired. I was told that secondary research is very important, it only gives you an idea of actions to take from others experiences. With primary research you are able to cater the knowledge to fit your own personal needs. So, as a result, I will be trying to undertake more first hand research, like shadowing editors or even just speaking to them personally. It helps that I have already targeted individuals but it’s now a matter of speaking to them. Another aspect to this is to join online networks, whilst it provides a primary research method, it also allows me to build up a professional network. This is something I need to do imperatively. The online networks I have listed I have been told are very worthwhile and it’s just a matter of engaging in them.

Going forward, I will be ensuring I round myself more as a professional, engaging in networks, undertaking more research and speaking to other professionals in my chosen career path.


Since this tutorial I have made a conscious effort to engage in more professional networks, joining those I have listed above and searching for more physical networks I can be a part of. I have also spoken to the majority of the professionals on my list and it has been a great help in furthering my understanding of the profession. Both of these experiences have helped in gaining more first hand experience opportunities.




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