Mobile Dating Articles

Telegraph Article

This is an article about how dating apps like Tinder are destroying romance. They claim that long term romance is being replaced by one night stands and these applications are to blaim. She compares the long grinding romances in Jane Austen novels to bored 21st century singletons who are looking for instant gratification through a few clicks. (Jamieson, 2015) In my documentary, I should look to answer whether this statement is true through asking and observing my contributors.

Catholic News Agency

Like the last article, this one claims a similar message of apps causing the death of romance. However, it should be considered that the article comes from a catholic website and their views will be based on their religious beliefs. The author makes claims that Tinder is a “seriously shallow app that turns people into quickly-judged commodities on a screen”. They then go on to speak to users about their experiences with Tinder. Responses included:

“How is me swiping right on a guy that I find attractive, and swiping left (on those) that I’m not that into any different than someone approaching a guy that I find attractive in a bar? We make snap judgements all the time. Why is it suddenly so much worse if I’m doing it online?” (Catholic News Agency, 2016)

“I think to immediately classify Tinder or any other dating app as a ‘hook-up’ app or as a very bad thing goes against the idea that things are morally neutral,” (Catholic News Agency, 2016)

Again, I should look to confirm or deny these claims through what I present of my contributors.

Business Insider Article

In this article, a man analyses the pros and cons for a range of dating apps from a male’s perspective. These offer a wide range of analysis through a number of apps that can be useful as brief information. (McAlone, 2016) I can use this information when interviewing my male contributors as it will give me the right idea what kind of questioning I should use in terms of what to focus on.

University of Washington Article

In this article it discusses student’s perceptions of dating apps. As I will be targeting my documentary to a younger audience, these documented perceptions are very useful in the creation of my media piece. Inputs include:

“It’s weird where I met him [on Tinder] and I do not tell people where I met him,” (Salgado, 2015)

Showing that perhaps these dating apps are seen as a taboo. I should definitely try and work this into my line of questioning as I feel that this question is very much worth answering and should be interesting for the audience to hear.

BuzzFeed Article

This article speaks about how 5,000 users had their information leaked from a HIV positive dating app. These incidents seem prevalent online, with this incident coming within months of the infamous Ashley Maddison leak. (BuzzFeed, 2016) So, I must consider how security of personal information affects how users interact with their applications by perhaps asking it as part of the questioning.


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