Why I Chose The Documentary Format.

Initially, I had the idea to create a piece that would have been a narrative surrounding online dating that created strong emotion in the audience. However, I realised that this might not properly reflect the subject matter properly and I wanted to inform viewers best I could, so changing to a documentary would help this greatly.

When creating one of the artefacts in the first half of the module, about power and control, I got to thinking about modern relationships. This lead me to speaking to a few of my friends and asking how they got into the relationships they are/have been in recently. Interestingly, the majority of people I spoke to said they had had relations with a person from a mobile dating app recently. The fact that this is such a high percentage was intriguing to me and it sparked the idea of investigating this trend. I then decided to take this further after conducting research and finding that Tinder is 84% occupied by 16-34 year olds. I wanted to find out what makes it a viable option to the younger generation by asking questions to individuals and doing an “a week in the life” type thing with a couple of individuals to further explore this topic. Having had experiences myself in this topic, it gives me a good starting ground to know what to ask and show in my documentary.

(Globalwebindex.net, 2015)

When I realised that this was my demographic, I started seeing dozens upon dozens of people in this age group always on there phone, perhaps using dating apps or speaking to people they met on dating apps. There would be millions of stories to tell, some good and some bad. For what purpose were they on the apps? How many people have they spoke to? Have they ever dated somebody they met on there? What were their worst memories? This made me set on the idea of telling just a few of these stories and exploring people’s dating lives and this theme to the utmost. I aim to tell both negative and positive sides of these apps and explore the themes as naturally and as intriguing as possible.


Globalwebindex.net, (2015). What to Know About Tinder in 5 Charts. [online] Available at: http://www.globalwebindex.net/blog/what-to-know-about-tinder-in-5-charts [Accessed 15 Jan. 2016].


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