Prior to decided which crew members I would require, I looked further into which individual roles exist and what these roles entail. I decided I want a very hands on approach throughout the production of my documentary, thus limiting the size of my documentary team to a quite small one. I would only require small help in each location in order to ensure the shoot goes as quickly and smoothly as possible, therefore not having excess baggage on shoot days.

I used this guide to further understand the roles in depth and to move along my decisions:

For my production, I decided that these roles will be required:

  • Director
  • Producer
  • Director of Photography
  • Lighting Technician
  • Camera Operator x 2 (currently)
  • Sound Recordist
  • Stills Photographer
  • Editor

Many of these roles I will undertake myself. I will be the producer and director of my documentary for starters, so I have maximum creative/logistical control over the production. I also feel my editing skills are up to scratch so I will be undertaking the editing in the post production stage. I would probably be able to undertake the stills photography myself also. However, I will have to find camera operators in order to free myself to undertake this role on set. Also, I feel others will have more advanced skills in operating cameras than myself. As long as I impart on them what I need them to capture, I feel it can still match my artistic vision. I also need to find a sound operator. As I am going to be in many interview sessions, having the sound right is absolutely imperative in order to tell each story properly. Finally, a lighting technician I feel is also very important to the production in order to light up the subjects properly, as this is not a field in which I am well versed in.



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