I looked at a few festivals so I could market my film well. One festival that I plan to submit my documentary to is the London International Documentary Film Festival. I chose this film as it is a very popular festival and is search optimised, allowing my film to get even better coverage. It is £24 to enter a film that is under 40 minutes and £34 for a standard film. So, despite whether my documentary goes above or below this limit, it is very feasible for me to enter. Furthermore, the winner of each category will then be entered into consideration for the Annual Academy Awards, which would be fantastic.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 22.28.46

(lidf.co.uk, 2016)

I also looked at the Open City Documentary Festival, which is also held in London and has been running for 6 years so far. They run the festival over 6 days and vary the locations in London. They also have 44 different partners, which all would be very good and relevant contacts to be made. The entry price varies between £10-£30 for a student, depending on when you apply, making it very affordable.


(Opencitylondon.com, 2016)

Another documentary I looked at was Sheffield Doc Fest. This festival would be very beneficial for me to enter as their main sponsors include ITV, BBC and Sky. Making contacts in any of these companies, or for them to at least be aware of my work would be massive for my personal professional development. To enter this festival, it costs £25.50+VAT for a short and £35+VAT for a feature. The entry fee will definitely be worth the potential contacts I could make.


(Sheffdocfest.com, 2016)


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