What specific skills or knowledge have you developed to produce CW2? How did you challenge yourself? What would you like to do better? How can you develop your interests/skills further?

This was my initial pitch:

When reading this blog on 10 ways to make a successful film pitch, I feel I have done certain aspects correct with my pitch. (Make Film Teach Film, 2012) For instance, I feel that I have made the genre very clearly defined in the ways in which I describe my documentary throughout. I also feel that I have effectively kept it short and sweet, cramming as much information into a short time as possible whilst still initiating aspects which would want the audience to hear more of the content. However, my pitch is vastly lacking in visual aids. The lack of these are a detriment to the pitch in terms of fully engaging the audience. This is something I will be rectifying in my final pitch. Furthermore, I do not believe I have made the pitch personal enough to myself. I should show my personal connection to the subject matter more obviously to show authenticity. Finally, I should have said “who was the story about” and given further information about my contributors to allow the audience to forge a connection with them.

When watching a video about pitching techniques, it speaks in vast quantities about engaging your audience, something I feel I did poorly. (Make Film Teach Film, 2012) I could improve this through her suggested techniques of creating a killer logline that is one line and has a hook and by perhaps making the presentation more interactive to entertain the audience. Furthermore, I listened to a BBC podcast on giving the killer pitch. Within this podcast they say when they are pitching a “factual thing” that they will have some “territory thoughts but it’s much more of an embryonic conversation (Bbc.co.uk, 2012) So, as I am pitching a documentary, perhaps I should be remembering some key information but try to have the interlinking conversation come naturally. This could definitely help in the pitch seem more genuine. 

Since I was doing a documentary, I had to deal with the fact that “representing reality deals with meaning meanings and values, interpretations and purposes, not simply with signs and systems“. (Nichols, 1991) So, I have to be careful in what I put forward and think of the implications of what I create. I will had to take this into account when planning the content I wish to use.

Furthermore, I had to start thinking of ways in which I can fund my project. After reading an article about the most successful kickstarter campaigns, I decided that would be my main course of action for funding. (Filmmakeriq.com, 2011) As I can see that a documentary about a current trend (Minecraft) is up there at number 2, it makes me believe that this course of action I am taking is viable. However, I believe I need to have a much more thorough and professional proof of concept artefact to attract more donations, this is a constant throughout all of these projects. This means that marketing has to be an even larger part of my plan of action. “Marketing means promoting what is best about your work, giving buyers a reason to want to own it or rent it.” (Rea and Irving, 1995) As well as giving the audience a reason to donate, I have to continue to challenge myself to ensure the end product is successful so the donators can see their money went to something worthwhile. This means I have to create a marketing technique to ensure the film’s success. This has been done through the plan of entering certain film festivals that I have researched and I will continue to research into marketing techniques, as I have learnt that it is a very important aspect of production from this module.

As I am using a crowdfunding system, I had to create an accurate budget to give credible goals for funding. I found this challenging but I feel I did this successfully. When looking at the Media Production Rate card, I gained a idea of how much everything would cost. (Cumoodle.com, 2012) I then had to think very critically in what I could realistically supply myself and what I need essential funding for. It was challenging but this module has helped me in creating a realistic budget for film. However, I could perhaps develop this skill even further by researching into the specifics of catering costs and travel expenses and get an exact figure rather than just allowing myself a half researched, estimated budget.


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