Writing A CV For Being An Editor

Making A CV

Considering that I have an idea about my professional career and the direction that I would like to go in, being a self employed editor or editor at a creative industry, I undertook research into creating a customised CV to reflect these ambitions. I ended up creating this:

In order to create this, I started with researching CVs in the field in which I want to enter.

CV Examples

I looked at the resume of Olivia Coupe, assistant editor for  shows such as Downtown Abbey. (Coupe, 2016) Whilst this is a very impressive resume that displays her achievements and experience excellently, I do not have such a wealth of experience. So, if I was to shape my CV in a similar way, it would look fairly empty.

A slightly different type of CV can be seen through Ruth Mitchell’s. (Mitchell, 2016). As she doesn’t have as much experience, like I, she has focused more on information about herself both academically and personally. This helps in giving a better picture of the individual which is important whilst also distracting away from the weaker area of experience.

When creating my CV, “The best way to look at a CV is to see it as a ‘marketing tool’ or a ‘sales brochure’ where you sell your skills, qualities, expertise and potential to a prospective employer.”  (CVplaza.com, 2016) So I should look at it with paramount importance so I can sell myself. I should be able to show what my skills and qualities are that will make me employable.

According to Jobhero, they speak about what are the key factors which you should be including in a video editor cv:

“Typical sample resumes for Video Editors highlight duties such as interpreting and discussing briefs, assembling raw footage, using specialized computer software for editing purposes, selecting usable sequences, putting sequences in order and making other content tweaks. Video Editors should demonstrate computer proficiency, video editing tools experience, creativity, being able to understand the director’s artistic vision, teamwork, time management, and good communication skills. A degree in film production represents an advantage.” (Jobhero.com, 2016) So I will aim to demonstrate all these values within different sections within my CV.

Whilst I know these are the things I should be including, how should I structure and format it? According to office-angels, I should have the following sections: Personal details, personal statement, employment history and experience, Education and training, additional skill, interests, references. (Office-angels.com, 2016). So I will be including all the skills, qualities and information listed above into the latter sections. But, I need to format this all to look good, The CV “shouldn’t be any longer than two pages of A4, You need to get as much information in as possible, too much dense text will be overwhelming (it needs to be sleek and easy to read) and ‘Sans’ fonts are the safest bet: try Arial, Calibri or Tahoma, and use around font size 10 for the body text.” (Office-angels.com, 2016). So I will attempt to format all the information in this manner.

So, I have created the following CV as a result:



The best way to judge how effective my CV is, is by how well it helps me in the professional capacity. However, I have yet to have this experience so I can only judge how well I have created it. I feel it is created with all the aspects I had in mind and researched included. I used all the professional tips and moulded my CV on that and the work of successful individuals in the same industry. So, in that context I believe it to be a success and have no qualms about its ability to help me in a professional capacity.


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