Portfolios, What Works and Why?

When thinking about creating my own editor’s portfolio, I started looking at portfolios online and analysing them in terms of the vision I have to create the best portfolio possible. Through doing this procedure, I will be able to create a portfolio to the best fit the purpose of one.


“If there is one aspect of online presence that job seekers should create and develop, it’s the online portfolio. According to a recent Forbes article, 56 percent of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s online portfolio than any other personal branding tool.”  (Levo.com, 2014)

So, I should take extra detail to the entire process.


When looking at an article on how using blogs is a popular choice for a portfolio, they say that “Blogging for me has been hugely beneficial for my learning, because of the power to not only think of an audience (making me think deeper about what I write), but also about connecting with the audience.” (George, 2014). So, I need to consider whether these aspects are relevant for my portfolio subject matter through analysing how the examples use this.


One blog that particularly seemed impressive was Premiumbeat’s on video editing (Premiumbeat.com, 2016). As it’s very professionally created on the subject matter.

It is a very popular website and can give me an idea of an industry ideal. The layout is very clean and sleek, something that I can definitely take forward to my own site. Plus, it holds a lot of information about skill sets that they possess and demonstrating the skillset. Using the technique would prove to potential industry relations that I can do all the skills I claim I can.

Another blog I looked at is Filmeditingpro as it is a smaller company, still successful but still demonstrates skillsets that the individuals possess. (Filmeditingpro, 2016)

This blog is quite a bit less sleek in design but still offers a lot of skills and demonstrates their ability to do them. The blog is informative and is helpful to the user base that use it.

I feel that a blog is probably not an effective tool for showing off my traits as an individual as mainly blogs are used by larger companies that have the time and resources to make all of these videos. So, I will look into more feasible ways of demonstrating that I possess these skills.


Another popular choice nowadays are websites where the individuals can update their information onto a static web space, ‘sites have become a hub for the independent filmmaking community, and are a vital resource.’ (Raindance, 2013)  So, I must do this process well to properly make use of this vital resource.


When looking at the website from Rina Svet, video editor, it ticks a lot of boxes that I wish to do so. (Svet, 2016)

  • Very sleek website design.
  • About section which includes a resume, recommendations and services page.
  • Contact page including all social media and contact information necessary
  • Portfolio page split into relevant sections for different bodies of work

Another website I looked at was one of Mary Brownlee, another video editor. (Brownlee, 2016)

  • Very simple but modern website design.
  • Contact links shown in header throughout.
  • Portfolio shows a decent amount of videos then shows a link to see more.
  • Personal about section.
  • Resume section

Finally, I looked at a website from Ed Enayat, another video editor. (Enayat, 2016)

  • Simple and modern, well framed website.
  • Contact and social networking shown throughout on sidebar
  • In depth about section.
  • In depth video portfolio.

What I learnt from all this is that I want all of these features in my website, taking inspiration from how all these individuals tackled these aspects:

  • Personal about section
  • Section for resume/portfolio
  • Contact page
  • Sleek and professional design
  • In depth information at all junctures.

After analysing the ways in which other in the same industry as I want to enter have presented themselves in a professional context. I feel I now can create a portfolio online and do it in a professional and effective fashion.


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