To ensure that I will be able to viably create this documentary, I have researched into what would be a realistic overall cost for all the potential expenses. To do this, I looked into what it would cost in the industry to hire certain equipment and crew I would require. I have also taken into account other expenditures such as travel and catering.

Below there is the costing information I have retrieved from the Coventry University production rate card and broken down the expected costs for each individual item.

 Cast & Crew:

  • DoP (Cinematographer) -£674
  • Camera Operator  £468
  • Sound Mixer  £469
  • Editor  £674
  • Sound Editor  £674
  • Actor  £400
  • Boom Operator  £377

Equipment Hire:

  • Canon 60D  £60
  • Sennheiser ME66 Rifle Mic  £30
  • Sennheiser Radio Mics  £15
  • Headphones  £5
  • Boom Pole  £4
  • Cables  £4
  • Manfrotto 501HDV Tripod £15


  • Catering – £50
  • Distribution (Festival Entry Fees) – £100
  • Travel – £100
  • Total = £4119

If this equipment wasn’t already available to hire due to being a student at university, this is realistically how much this would cost to produce the documentary per day. This should help in reducing the cost largely having access to equipment and crew. This will be my new budget:

  • Travel – £100
  • Contributors – £400
  • Distribution (Festival Entry Fees) – £100
  • Catering – £50

Total = £650

This budget is a lot more viable, realistically I would not have been able to raise £4119+ in this small time period. However, the £650 should be a realistic target to achieve. To fund the money, I am going to set up a funding page through Indie GoGo. On this page I will outline the major details of the documentary I will be producing and tell the investors to what their money will be going towards specifically.  I will provide artefacts on the page to show potential suitors that the project is viable. Furthermore, I will offer rewards for certain levels of investment to encourage larger donations.


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