First Draft of a Script.

I created a very rough first draft of a script. As I will be creating a documentary about people’s experiences that I cannot completely control, it is hard to create a completely nailed down script. Throughout the script, I mention certain topics I wish to cover with them. However, these might not be applicable or other things may take precedent at the time. This script does give a good structure to how the documentary will be edited, defining clear sections.

However, I have felt that using a script in this format has not necessarily been all that helpful, as I am producing in the documentary format. “Scripts are often not used in documentary films—because you cannot predict what will happen when the camera is rolling. In place of a script, filmmakers use treatments, proposals, or even outlines–to describe and help plan a documentary project.” (, 2016) From this information, it leads me to believe I should carry some of this information over to and focus on creating a good treatment/proposal  from my initial outline.


Modern%20Mobile%20Dating%20Script1 (2016) How To Write A Documentary Treatment Or Proposal….. [online] available from <; [12 March 2016]


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