Contributor Release Forms/Copyright Forms

After assessing the nature of my project, I came to the decision that both contributor release forms and copyright forms were not a necessary route that I needed to take.

In reference to the contributor release form, it states on the BBC website that they aren’t necessary for “anyone who appears as part of a crowd scene or fleetingly in the background”(, 2016) A person is never the main subject of my photographs, a couple of people appear very fleetingly in the background, but are not even recognisable. Furthermore, I do not represent a company or institution. As I am not making a representation of a particular place, this agreement is not applicable for my production. You can see that from this example Location release form. (, 2016) Therefore, for all the reasons stated above, these forms will not be necessary for my production.

When looking at an example of a copyright form, the main benefit of doing so was for financial gain and protection against distribution without your consent. (, 2016) As my main aim of the project was to provide information about the areas, I want these images to be distributed freely, something I think a copyright may hold back and stop me from achieving these images reaching as many people as possible. Therefore, I do not think a copyright is necessary for my production.

References (2016) BBC – Film Network – Filmmaking – Guide – Legal Guide: Production Agreements [online] available from <; [12 March 2016] (2016) Location Release Form [online] available from <; [12 March 2016], (2016) Fact Sheet P-16: Photography And Copyright [online] available from <; [12 March 2016]


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