“Whereas a proposal presents its argument rationally via categorized information, the treatment evokes how an audience will experience the film on the screen. Write in the active-voice in present tense. Tell the reader what they will see and hear on the screen. Describe the story and introduce any characters.”  (, 2016)

The documentary follows four people through their adventures using the mobile dating app, Tinder. We get to experience their experiences, feel their feelings and peek into their lives as they try and navigate and traverse the world of mobile dating, some with more experience than others. Two of our participants have never used Tinder before, so they will be learning as they go! However, the other two use Tinder regularly. So, you get to see their antics on the platform, showing what it is like in the normal week of a user! It shows a more grounded view of dating apps, unlike the documentary The Secret World of Tinder, which shows the extremes. By showing the grounded view, it will show more of a raw documentary and get into the brass tax of the morality and meaning behind the prevalence of Tinder. In a paper named It’s a match! : Exploring dating apps and the self-presentation of users, it claims that “dating apps have become increasing common in the last few years. As the popularity of online dating increased, the associated level of negative stigma seemed to shrink“.(Ranzini and Lutz, 2016) This idea will be explored throughout this documentary and evidenced either positively or negatively through experiences that the chosen users encounter. This documentary will further explore old truths of dating and see if they still pertain. Is it just a superficial app? PhD Ms. Carbino discovered “that Tinder users decoded an array of subtle and not-so-subtle traits before deciding which way to swipe” (Bilton, 2014) The documentary shows closely just how the participants go through their matchmaking process. The same study also found that “While Tinder seems to have done a lot of things right, the company has also made plenty of mistakes. For example, some women have complained of being harassed on the service.” (Bilton, 2014) This documentary also explores the morality behind the application and whether it adds a platform for superficial behaviour and harassment.


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Ranzini, G. and Lutz, C. (2016) It’s A Match! : Exploring Dating Apps And The Self-Presentation Of Users – Alexandria [online] available from <; [22 March 2016]


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