Running An IndieGoGo


My IndieGoGo campaign has now been made and is currently underway. I have decided after doing a budget plan that a goal of $500 (£350) will cover the costs of what I need. This includes money needed to create the perks, the cost of using any and all the equipment I need, distributing the film to festivals and my travel costs to get to shoot locations.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 11.33.54

(Reilly, 2016)

The first couple of days have been fairly slow. I have had contact with people who are claiming they will be donating in the near future, but no donations have been made yet. This is something I expect will change soon. When looking at a couple of popular campaigns that are that are currently going on and are popular; like Pair of Aces (Pair of Aces IndieGoGo, 2016) and Car to Farm, Italy tour documentary (Car to Farm Italy IndieGoGo, 2016). You can see they use various perks to incentivise people to donate. When looking at the types of perks they offer, I have created my own:

$2- Our Thanks

$7- A signed picture from all of the cast of the documentary poster

$15- Your name in the documentary credits

$20- Digital download of Modern Mobile Dating with behind the scenes footage

$50- DVD of Modern Mobile Dating with behind the scenes footage

When looking at a video on 3 tips of sourcing money for productions (, 2015), they claim that reducing costs for perks is a key idea to prevent yourself from channeling all your money back into the fundraising campaign. So, I have stuck to a lot of perks that require minimal costs and have digital deliveries or cheap postage and packaging. The picture will be very cheap to mail and the dvd will be cheap to produce compared to the $50 cost. As I am close to all members of the cast, it will be easy to get their involvement in the perks I offer that involve them.26


Car to Farm Italy IndieGoGo. (2016) CLICK HERE To Support Car To Farm Italy Tour: Documentary & Cookbook[online] available from <; [21 March 2016], (2015). Indiegogo CEO Offers 3 Pro Tips for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Apr. 2015].

Pair of Aces IndieGoGo. (2016) CLICK HERE To Support Pair Of Aces – Short Film [online] available from <; [17 April 2016]

Reilly, A. (2016) CLICK HERE To Support Modern Mobile Dating – A Tinder Documentary[online] available from <; [17 April 2016]


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