Using Social Networking For Marketing

Marketing via social networks

When thinking of the promotion of my project, I tried to go from my past experience of how I have promoted my projects in the past, which has been largely through social networks. Due to the fact I am doing a crowdfunding campaign, this step needs to be treated with a large importance. So, I did research into what makes a campaign like mine successful.

When researching similar documentaries who undertake crowdfunding campaigns, I came across two documentaries, Saving Capitalism and Barney’s Wall, which I will use as an example. I have used both of their Facebook’s to break down how they have marketed themselves. (Saving Captilism Facebook, 2016) (Barney’s Wall Facebook, 2016). Both of these examples will be very helpful, Barney’s Wall has 390 likes and Saving Capitalism has 2917 likes. So whilst  Saving capitalism will show me what a heavily successful project will do, Barney’s Wall can show me more of a grounded view of how a lower audience production gains more of a following.

Barney’s Wall mixes up posts about popular film culture to gain a greater audience as well as behind the scenes pictures/footage and updates about the fundraising campaign.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 15.45.13

Saving Capitalism’s Facebook page is very similar and is constantly updating their audience with news on the indiegogo campaign, how the project is coming along in general and other relevant news if they think it may be applicable to show to their audience.

When reading a book on social media marketing, it claims that “Social media marketing plans, like any marketing plan, must target the audience in a meaningful and relevant manner”  (Tuten and Solomon, 2013). This is something that both of these facebook pages do in abundance. They both are always speaking about their campaign, which is something the backers will want to know if they are investing their time and money into the project, and they both speak about relevant topics that their audience will be interested in, such as film, television and current events which are applicable to their project.

As I do not have a marketing budget, I need to consider social media marketing as a matter of paramount importance as it allows me to reach a large audience for free. “With a minimal promotional budget, Raceway’s leadership recognizes the value of incorporating social media into its communications program“. (Tuten and Solomon, 2013) By this, we can see how top companies are resorting to social media marketing due to low budgets. So, this is definitely something that is worthwhile that I should be exploring.

As my documentary is about dating through a social network of sorts, marketing through social networks makes sense. Also, I have themed my page around dating, love and tinder in a modern way to help show my genre and target my young audience. I will make stylistic decisions with this in mind, reinforcing my genre and target audience.

When you sign up to Tinder “you simply log in through Facebook” (Bilton, 2014). Which shows quite how synonymous the two companies are, as everyone who has a Tinder profile, has a Facebook. So, marketing through Facebook will be very beneficial in reaching the right audience.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 14.48.41 (Modern Mobile Dating Facebook, 2016)

As well as my Facebook page, I have created a Twitter account for my production. This is so I can engage with my audience and other professionals/productions that would be helpful for the advancement of my project.
Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 14.55.15

(Modern Mobile Dating Twitter, 2016)

In order to keep my audience updated, I will be constantly updating both my Twitter and Facebook pages with information regarding the indiegogo campaign, the project development, sharing relevant information and engaging with professionals and projects.


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