Hot Topics With Tinder

To break up the main segments about the four participants, I had decided I will do street interviews with people about Tinder’s more sensitive subjects and see if the majority agree or disagree that these issues are perceived as such.

To start off the interview, I should ask a lighter question to ease the participant into the process. In an article by Bloomberg, they state that Tinder is “The fastest-growing dating app in America is a tale of corporate romance”. (Summers, 2016). But how many people do or have used it? I will be questioning this with my initial query will be whether they have.

For my second and third question, I will be prying slightly deeper into the subject matter and asking about the perceived romanticism with causal relationships the application is said to promote. In the article entitled “Tinder And Humanitarian Hook-Ups: The Erotics Of Social Media Racism” (Mason, 2016), they speak in vast context about the causal relationships that are formed and how it is based on a type of social media racism where you treat individuals as sexual objects. They speak further about how this type of new age way of thinking is throwing out old ideals of dating. So for question 2 and 3 I will be asking whether they think that Tinder promotes an unhealthy way of dating that involves treating others superficially and whether Tinder upholds old ideals of dating.

For my final question, I will questioning the security of the mobile dating app. It is often reported the dangers of releasing your personal information online. The article named “Dressing Up Tinderella: Interrogating Authenticity Claims On The Mobile Dating App Tinder” discusses various security and privacy concerns involved including not using your own identity, passing on too much of your own information and not knowing/consenting to the ways in which your information is being shared. All of these ideas are reinforced in the paper labeled ‘The Security of Tinder’(Feltz, 2015). With the author adding a real honest and scathing view on the lack of security the application offers with your personal information and how willingly we give it up. So my final question will be is if they are aware/think there are any security and privacy issues with using tinder and if so what.


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