What Are Employers Looking For?

I decided that to determine what professional skills and traits I needed to possess, I should research what professionals are looking for in someone of my role. From this I have looked at some job vacancies that are within my area of work that I want to go in perhaps:

I have taken the following examples from the job recruitment site Indeed. (Indeed.co.uk, 2016)

“We are looking to take on a Video Editor with experience of working to tight deadlines without compromising on creativity. As Editor, you will be responsible for liaising with the Producers and Head of Film to understand projects and requirements. You will be assembling raw footage, reviewing footage and discussing layout or editing approach of all projects. You’ll need to be professional, assertive, well organized and a massive team player with a huge sense of humour!” – Video editor for Meridian Business Support

“The ideal candidate will be a talented video editor with an eye for great design and an uncompromising desire to create outstanding videos and motion graphic experiences.” – Video Editor for A1 People

The role will require you to edit projects, set up and operate all editing systems and to provide support to all members of the video team.As Editor you will be responsible for liaising with the Producers and Head of Film to understand projects and requirements. You will be assembling raw footage, reviewing footage and discussing layout or editing approach of all projects. We are looking for a team player who can actively help to maintain quality and technical standards for the video team whilst simultaneously contributing towards the creative environment at Juice.” – Video Editor at Juice

All of these adverts go on to list technical skills and experience that you should have which include very specific skills such as knowing certain technical craft such as knowing how adobe software works and having certain attributes such as being able to work closely with others.

These adverts have highlighted the importance of experience which I am hoping to acquire through being a freelance video editor. I have noticed that the majority of these jobs are full time positions and require me to be in that role full time, which is something I didn’t completely expect and thought it would be more project to project. I have also noticed that most of the jobs advertised are in London. Infact, “London has 13% of the UK’s population but 55% of the UK’s film companies.” (Stephenfollows.com, 2015) This shows just how large London is with regards to the film industry and my employability options being being larger if I make myself available to this region.

When looking at the National Careers Service, they list the following qualities which are desirable in a video editor:

  • a mixture of creative and practical skills
  • a good sense of timing and visual awareness
  • a high level of attention to detail
  • excellent communication skills
  • the ability to work as part of a team
  • willingness to work long hours when necessary
  • the ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  • patience and concentration
  • good computer skills (Nationalcareerservice.direct.gov.uk, 2016)

So, I should be able to demonstrate these skills in all aspects of the employment process, in my CV, portfolio and interview. To do this I should be able to state that I can do these things and have relevant examples to back up the fact I can do these/am are these things. For example, “you can demonstrate your communication skills in the interview, in the application, and through experiences. Have your ideas and any necessary information ready in your mind.” (Jobs.ac.uk, 2016) This is applicable to all other skills and traits and I should be prepared in being able to demonstrate any skill or trait I claim to possess.


The research I have undertaken into what what employers are looking for are going to shape how I approach my own personal development, knowing what to focus on, and increasing the likelihood of being able to present myself in a manner which will be pleasing to potential employers. It has helped me know I am on the right track and with the proper development and formatting, I can reflect myself in a way which can be advantageous.



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