Making an EPK

Before creating an Electronic Press Kit, I did various research into what is expected from the format and how I could make mine good. To do this, I looked at various examples of Electronic Press Kits online and applied features of them to my own.
What is the use for an EPK
When looking at the Raindance website, ‘A press kit is used to send details of the film to journalists and acquisitions executives.’ (Raindance, 2013) This means that the main purpose of the EPK is to be a readily available resource that I could send to journalists so that they receive the information they require.

The article states that the key steps are these:

Step 1: Create a Folder – these will be useful when you need a copy to hand at events

Step 2: Write a Synopsis – “A synopsis is a summary of the story of your film told in an engaging way that captures the reader’s interest and makes them want to see the film

Step 3: Write Cast and Crew Bio – “You should include brief biographies of the key people you worked with on your movie”

Step 4: Create Ten FAQs – “Creating hype and publicity for your film means that you have to give precise direction and guidance to the people who hear about your film” This could perhaps include audience members or executives or people in similar gatekeeper positions.

Step 5: Get Publicity Stills  –  Having a good collection of stills can help massively in marketing as it can be used for various promotion methods such as posters, dvd covers, etc. 

Step 6: Include Reviews and Third Party Endorsements – “All commercial enterprise uses third party endorsements.” This will help in creating an air of legitimacy around my production.

Step 7: Create an Electronic Press Kit – “An electronic press kit (EPK) is a set of videos and photos, interviews with the principal cast and crew, duplicated and distributed to appropriate people” So, this covers the format of how I should add all of this information together. This could be in the form of a dropbox, usb stick, etc.

(Raindance, 2013)

By using these headers, I should have a fairly concise idea of what to put into the content of my Press Kit, should I apply all the ideas to the correct areas of my production.


When accounting for these factors, I decided it best to look at a few examples so I can break down how they have interpreted what their content should be.

 Bag It – EPK – A documentary environmental waste. Useful example due to the documentary format.

  • I liked the colour scheme and design they used for their pages. The light blue and grey really matched the theme of the documentary and wasn’t too distracting away from the information on the page.
  • The question and answer section was particularly effective. I feel adding a different twist on the FAQ section definitely helped in making the EPK seem more personal.
  • The length of the EPK was a good one. It went into enough features and with each feature it told what it needed to with clear and concise detail. This makes it particularly easy for the audience to clearly manage the information they are being fed.
  • I feel the layout perhaps is a bit too clustered however. The pictures and words are perhaps too close together which makes the information look a bit intimidating. Larger spacing would help deal with this issue.

Adult Life Skills EPK (Tribeca Festival, 2016) – A film about a woman’s coming of age. Useful example as it follows a person’s emotional journey.

  • The layout of this EPK is very inventive which I like. They have really tried to capture the genre of the film within the layout and have done it effectively. However, despite admiring the creativity, I feel the execution is lacking and I would like to show my genre more subtly so it does not take too much attention away from the information I’m presenting
  • The information was short and sweet. They sold the film and presented their ideas without being overbearing by writing too much and oversaturating.
  • They definitely invest you in the concept by making it seem very personal which is definitely a good thing. However, they overdo the unique style which becomes frustrating and overwhelming to read all the little notes they make on the page.

When taking all these points into consideration, I am going to to ensure I create an EPK that isn’t overly saturated containing useless information, that gives clear and concise information and is formatted in a way which the person reading it will be interested in the information i’m presenting. I will include the following information:

  • A brief synopsis of the idea.
  • Technical information on the production process.
  • Participants/Crew information.
  • Promotional Poster
  • A slightly longer synopsis.
  • Behind the scenes shots
  • Director’s notes.
  • Contact details
  • Biographies
  • Stills from the production
  • Third party comments


To put together my EPK, I will be using the PDF software in which I can edit together all of my information. PDF has been the format in which next to all of the EPKs I discovered are formatted in and I want to maintain my project to the industry standard.

I will be stylising my EPK around the subject of love and mystery by using imagery that they use on Tinder such as the hearts and the like and dislike symbols. Furthermore, I will be downloading the custom font that they use for Tinder to further enforce this branding. Colour ‘creates meaning and influences behaviour’ (Arnhheim, 1974) So I will be using reds and other homely/romantic colours to show my documentary’s format.


Arnheim, R. (1974). Art and visual perception. Berkeley: University of California Press.

BagitMovie, (2015). Bag it Movie Press Kit. [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 Apr. 2016].

Tribeca Festival. (2016) Adult Life Skills EPK [online] available from <; [13 April 2016]

Raindance, (2013). 7 Essentials For A Press Kit – Raindance. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Apr. 2016].


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