Building a Website

Now that I have created social media presences, and reached a stage of post production, I will now creating a website for my production so I can have a more professional online presence. I will be aiming to transfer audience across from the social media platforms to my new platform whilst also having a platform to market to others, perhaps more professional individuals. Even though I will be creating on a new platform, I will look to stick to the same stylistic choices I chose before to reinforce my brand and retain my audience.

When reading an article on how knowing your audience impacts your website, it said you should try answer the following questions: (Harstein, 2014)

  • What do you want to accomplish:  To be able to market my documentary in a professional manner whilst reaching out to my potential audience and other professionals in a meaningful and effective way.
  • Who do you need to visit your website for this to happen: Ideally I would have journalists visit my website so they might report about it, festival organisers so that they can see my film in a professional light and members of my audience so they engage further
  • What would they care about: They would all want the information to be clear and easy to access and they would want further information about the production, including perhaps behind the scenes footage, extra information and an electronic press kit.
  • What do they already know about your project: They will possibly have information through either social networking sites or from festival submissions, but they may have none which means it’s important I cover all the key information.
  • Any important/defining demographic information: As my production is targeted towards a young audience, I have to create my website with that in mind whilst also being aware of creating it with the possibility of older journalists/festival organisers seeing it also.
  • What’s the reason you give them to visit your site: To gather more information about the documentary.

When taking all this into account, these are some of the key points I will be looking to check off when creating my website:

  • Modern design that still keeps true to the genre and isn’t too distracting to the information being presented.
  • The site will be very easy to read and be sleek and professional, using modern and professional fonts and pictures etc.
  • I will include extra knowledge that isn’t found on social networking sites, for instance videos and the electronic press kit.
  • Show basic information about the film, including the logline and synopsis so that new audience members are aware of what the documentary entails.
  • Link to the social media pages to reinforce our network


Hartstein, D. (2014). The Ways Knowing Your Audience Impacts Your Website. [online] Wired Impact. Available at:[Accessed 15 Apr. 2016].


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