Online Communities of Practice

Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have millions of users and “using social media can greatly increase the amount of attention you receive, though these should not be your main online profile.” (, 2016) As we can see, social media profiles are very helpful in increasing your online network. Whilst it is helpful to be involved in social websites like Twitter and Facebook, it is clear that these aren’t enough by themselves. Using websites like LinkedIn whose sole purpose is for networking in a business type environment are the most useful. When reading an article by Makealiving, LinkedIn is a very important self-promotion network for members of the film industry due to the following reasons: (, 2011)

Key words in your profile. Employers can and will be able to easily track down potential employees through key words. For example, I have been adding words such as “editor, filmmaker, technician”  into my profile so it will immediately show up in searches when employers are looking for an editor. It also helps in if I search for someone who I want to network with in the same profession.

“Who’s viewed my profile?” There is a feature on LinkedIn which shows you who has recently been on your profile. Therefore, you can judge and view who is interested in your profile and get in contact with them if you want to.

The blog tool. You are able to add your blog into your profile. This allows a simple way to demonstrate your work on the platform.

The jobs. For a fee, employers can advertise jobs on the platform. Therefore, the jobs are always more high end as they will have to be taking it seriously to spend money on the process.

In-person networking. There is a section which you can find events where you can meet up with other likeminded individuals in person. You can also set them up.

The groups. There are groups on the virtual platform where you can network with other professionals in your chosen field. For example I have targeted the group Post Production Professionals as it is within the editing field and has over 75,000 members, allowing me the space to connect with others. (, 2016)

There are also a lot of communities that exist online just for post production crew , media production professionals and video editors. By using networks such as these I am able to expedite the process of narrowing down my groups to just include relevant individuals, as they all will be so. For example, CreativeCow is a network I have become a part of, it is a peer to peer support network for media production professionals. (, 2016) Joining this network allows me to meet individuals and further my development.

Another filmmaking community is One Day on Earth. They are a network of filmmakers and “has the world largest and most diverse network of collaborating professional filmmakers.”. (, 2016). By joining this community I now have the ability to try and network with individuals who might be able to give me work in a similar industry to I. As I am a post production worker, speaking to these individuals means I can offer them skills they don’t necessarily possess and almost always need. Thus, this is giving me a greater opportunity to gain employment.

Another network I am a part of now is CastingCallPro. (, 2016) This website allows you to search jobs in the creative entertainment industry. I feel this will be another important network for me as it allows me to search out editing jobs and expedite them and choose which is the most suitable for me, building up contacts as I go.

Joining these networks will be vital in furthering my chances to be a professional in the industry. But, if I am working as a freelance, it is very important to remember that ‘self-discipline is key to taking your freelancing gig from an interesting hobby to a viable business. (Poe, 2005) So, I have to be hard on myself to ensure I network and work hard enough to make it viable.

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