EPK Evaluation

My electronic press kit has now been produced and is available on my website, here it is:


In a previous post, I spoke of the things in which I wanted to add to my EPK after doing research of other similar press kits. I did adapt and include all these ideas that can be seen on the post, such as an FAQ, behind the scenes photographs and a synopsis. In terms of adapting my work, I wanted it to be designed in a way that matched my genre and target audience, conveying the subject matter was dating and doing it in a sleek, modern way to attract the younger target audience. I feel this was achieved through the use of the graphics, colour scheme and font that I used.

I reinforced this theme by having the tinder logo as the page marker on each page and a range of logos from the app as a stylistic choice at the header of each page also. I kept it sleek through the light and simple silver background as well as the use of simple and stylish font and colour. Despite doing all this, I still tried to mimic the spacing and structure of other popular EPKs to keep it professional. I also paid particular focus to the FAQ section as this is a section I feel added an extra something to the EPKs I saw and made you have a connection to the production.

However, during my production, I neglected the need to get behind the scenes pictures, getting a very minimal amount of them. If I had taken more time to think about it, I could have perhaps created more images that could be of a high interest to the audience by planning and executing this aspect more effectively. I should have made it a higher priority and realised the importance of evidencing your production as you’re creating it.

However, I feel this experience has been beneficial as a whole and I have created an EPK that focuses well on the main selling points of my documentary and offers a varied look at various aspects of the production. I will take all of these experiences forward to improve myself professionally and creatively.


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