Evaluation Of My Portfolio

I’m at the end of my research into being a professional in my chosen career of video editing, and  at the end of my degree. So, I must evaluate how well my portfolio suits me in my transition into being an industry professional.

When looking at the content in my portfolio, I feel I have presented myself in a professional fashion but still have a lot which I can improve on, through professional and technical development. But, through the research that I have done, I now know how to improve myself in the correct manner.

Whilst the portfolio isn’t the be all and end all in terms of my long term success, it is a gate opener in allowing people to give me the opportunities. I need to be able to present myself in a manner which is pleasing. So, I asked an industry professional, Marqus Akc’ent, a video editor for the BBC radio show with Charlie Sloth, to comment on the standard of my portfolio. I received this response:

“Hi Aidan,

I have looked through your portfolio and I have to say that the website is impressive. It looks very modern and you’ve done a good job in keeping all the information accessible. 

I was very interesting in the range of different projects you offered in your portfolio as it seemed quite diverse. Perhaps it could be improved by offering  more information about your projects as you have teased them well without offering too much in the way of information. 

All in all, I believe your portfolio to be well rounded and offer out relevant information for potential employers.

I look forward to seeing more in the future.”

Hearing the good words from him has given me a massive confidence boost that I am moving in the right direction and that I am appearing to be a professional in the industry. The constructive criticism has been noted that I could offer more information about the projects rather than just showing small clips and I will work to add in further links/information to other projects/sample edits.

When thinking about developing my portfolio in the future, I will be taking on advice I have received first hand and improving my portfolio due to the comments made. Furthermore, when looking at a video on how to improve your portfolio and they say “you should be always looking to update your portfolio and keep it current.” (Vitamintalent.com, 2016) So, I will be constantly updating my body of work with new, relevant and more information.


Vitamintalent.com, (2016) 4 Quick Tips To Improve Your Online Portfolio (VIDEO) [online] available from <http://vitamintalent.com/vitabites/four-quick-tips-to-improve-your-online-portfolio-video&gt; [12 May 2016]


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